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Professional Learning Opportunities and Technical Assistance

Professional development and networking are vital in any field, and that’s especially true for educators.

We offer a variety of options and formats to meet your learning needs, as individuals, teams, schools, or districts. Popular topics include student engagement and motivation; STEM Learning Lab; Idaho Framework for Teacher Evaluations; coaching; mentoring; and more.  For more information, please contact us at (208) 426-2234 or email Dr. Williams at

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Supervision and Evaluation Course for Administrator Recertification

We offer an online option to renew your administrative certificate. The K-12 Professional Development course “Supervision and Evaluation using the Idaho Framework for Teacher Evaluations” is offered for one, two or three credits, and each credit costs $110. The course offers administrators the option to renew their certificate and is available online through a flexible, asynchronous format. Administrators can renew their certificates by earning credits when it is most convenient for their busy schedules and multiple commitments.

Administrative Certificate Renewal Credits

Instructional & Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

We offer a network of services and coaches to support educators (teachers and leaders), especially new to the profession, new to the state, new to the role, perhaps you are looking for some fresh ideas, or those on alternative routes to certification. The Network will provide instructional coaching to teachers and/or administrators to help with retention, improve job performance, and enhance job satisfaction.

Research has strong indicators that point to the need for supporting educational leaders. The research indicates greater success and longevity in the profession when supported by an effective mentor. We can provide members with resources to address their specific developmental needs through the use of multiple strategies. These strategies include guidance and coaching, networking, training, professional and social supports.

STEM Learning Lab

We offer a menu of professional development (PD) services focused on science and engineering teaching and learning that shifts how students engage with relevant STEM content. We focus on Next Generation Science Standards and Idaho State Science Standards, facilitating concrete steps of how to design meaningful standards-based units/lessons that allow students to engage with integrated content, follow their own curiosities, and be scientists and engineers. We offer short term and ongoing packages that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Leadership Retreats or Admin Team Meetings

We design and lead highly engaging retreats that will help your administrative team:

  • Set and achieve ambitious goals
  • Generate enthusiasm for new directions
  • Improve communication
  • Build stronger more resilient teams
  • Boost creativity, innovation, and problem solving
  • Jump-start and implement positive culture change

Program Evaluation

Most leaders assess the value and impact of their work all the time when they ask questions, consult partners, make assessments, and obtain feedback. They then use the information collected to improve their districts, schools, programs, and classrooms.

Evaluation is an important improvement tool so we can be confident the programs we are using in our schools and classrooms are successful. A common criticism regarding evaluation is that it takes time and resources that could be dedicated to educating students. However, evaluations can actually lead to better results. Would you hire a new teacher without regularly monitoring them? How do you know your new curriculum is doing what you intended it to do? Do you really have time to properly evaluate it? Would an outside set of eyes help you overcome challenges or offer new insight into the conversation?

We offer a variety of program evaluation and research methodologies.