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Project RESET (Recognizing Effective Special Education Teachers) is a federal grant with the purpose of developing a special education teacher evaluation rubric.  Our aim is to develop a rubric for teacher evaluation that reflects the work special education teachers do with unique populations in unique settings and that provides useful feedback to the teacher. The first rubrics will address the work you do with students with high incidence disabilities. Later, we will develop rubrics for other populations. We need the help of special education teachers to create a fair and valid evaluation rubric.

What we ask of you:

  • Record one lesson per week (such as 9:30 reading class every Wednesday)
  • Video will upload to a secure account, viewed only by the researchers and scorers. Your video will remain confidential.

Benefits for participation:

  • $500 stipend for participation through the first school year
  • Participating in a project that aims to create useful and relevant evaluation instruments for special education teachers

If you are interested, contact Laura at or Angie at