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Teacher Prep Financial Literacy Plan: Part One


Choose at least one recorded webinar session to view. After viewing the video of your choice, complete the Reflection Summary Form below. Todd’s Romer’s presentation focuses on broader concepts of savings and investment strategies for financial planning. Robert Steed’s presentation focuses on sharing simple and practical tips for financial management.

Video One: Todd Romer with Young Money University (Two Parts)

The 5 Simple Steps to Financial Success Now – The purpose of this event is to learn financial advice as a college student from nationally renowned expert and speaker, Todd Romer.

  1. Young Money University Video Part One
  2. Young Money University Video Part Two

Video Two: Robert Steed: Call to Action Cash Class

Starting college often coincides with beginning your own personal financial journey. Robert shares a few tips to help you get started off on the right foot and avoid common pitfalls when venturing out on your own.

Robert Steed’s Call to Action Cash Class Video

Reflection Summary

After watching at least one of the videos above, please complete the reflection summary below.

Complete the Reflection Summary Here