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Teacher Prep Financial Literacy Plan: Part Three

CashCourse Quizzes & Worksheets

Complete two of the four following CashCourse online units and quizzes:

      • Budgeting Basics
      • Paying Back Student Loans
      • Be Credit Savvy
      • Prepare for Emergencies CashCourse

Each online topic is a lesson unit and each one takes an estimated 40-45 minutes to complete according to CashCourse, but it is likely that you will take less time than that based on our testing. Since we ask that you complete two of the four units, the total time with the online courses will be about and an hour and a half.

After completing both online lesson units, you will need to access the assignment worksheets through CashCourse for the two units that you have chosen. After completing both worksheets, respond to the following (below) set of questions for both units. You will not be required to turn in the worksheets.

CashCourse Directions:

      • Go to the CashCourse Website
      • Click on Register Now in the Student Section
      • Enter your name, state (Idaho), school (Boise State University), email, and password
      • Click Register
      • Choose Josh Baros as your Instructor to view your assignments

Review Questions:

Select and complete the review questions that correspond with the two CashCourse units you completed:

CashCourse Budgeting Basics Review Questions

CashCourse Paying Back Student Loans Review Questions

CashCourse Be Credit Savvy Review Questions

CashCourse Emergency Fund Interview Questions