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Teacher Prep Financial Literacy Plan


The TRIO Teacher Prep Financial Literacy Packet includes three required parts that are due by the end of spring semester (May 2021). Each section that requires responses through a webform will be submitted to your Educational Specialist.

  1. Webinars: View at least one of two online financial webinars and write a reflection summary. You will have the choice of two different speakers, both of whom offer their own financial expertise.
  2. Teacher salary schedules: Review the articles and video on teacher salary schedules and respond to the questions. You will also be asked to research two salary schedules on your own.
  3. CashCourse modules: Select two of the four topics or units within the CashCourse online program. Complete the learning units/quizzes and worksheets that go along with each unit.

There is more information about each section below.

Three Part Plan

Click the links below for more information about each section of the Teacher Prep Financial Literacy Packet.


Part One

Teacher Salary Schedules

Part Two

Cashcourse Modules

Part Three