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Financial Literacy Plan: Part Two

Teacher Salary Schedule

  • Part One

  • Read the Policy Analysis article (2016) by the Education Commission of The States and respond to the following questions. Keep in mind that this article addresses public education, not the private sector or private/public charter schools.

  • Part Two

  • Watch the short recorded video interview with Sheila Kessel, Payroll Manager at Boise School District to understand the basic principles of how a teacher salary schedule works, using Boise State School District as an example.

    Watch the interview with Sheila Kessel here

    After watching the video, research the salary schedule of two schools you are interested in teaching. These district salary schedules are easy to find by visiting the district's website or by doing a Google search. If you are interested in teaching at a private school or charter school, you may research them, but you may have to contact their HR by email or phone as this information is often not accessible on the internet. After collecting this information, answer the following questions:

  • Part Three

  • Read this article about budget planning by and answer the following questions:

  • Select one of the salaries that you researched to figure out an estimate of your monthly take-home pay using the Federal Paycheck Calculator. Plug in the salary, set the zip code for the town/city of the school district used and establish the frequency as monthly. If you wish, you can adjust the allowances if you have a spouse and dependent(s). Otherwise, you can just leave it as the default of one. At this point, you will see your monthly take-home pay after taxes. Using the 50/30/20 budget planning guideline that recommends, determine what your monthly budget would need to be for each of those three categories.

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