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About TRIO Rising Scholars

The goal of TRIO is to motivate and support students who are first-generation or low-income or have a disability to pursue and attain a college degree. The Boise State University TRIO Rising Scholars (TRS) Program is designed to help students achieve their dream of graduating from college with an undergraduate degree.

A National Program with a Local Impact

The federal TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program is funded by a $334,295 grant administered by the US Department of Education to increase college retention and graduation rates for its participants. Our SSS program is housed in the Boise State University Center for Multicultural and Educational Opportunities and is called the TRIO Rising Scholars (TRS) Program. Since 1964, TRIO has successfully served millions of students. TRS is an institutional member of the Council for Opportunity in Education and the Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Programs. At Boise State University, we are funded to serve 180 students.

Services Provided

  • Individual academic advising
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Academic development skills training
  • Additional grant aid to eligible Freshmen and Sophomores
  • Financial literacy training
  • Technology support
  • Access to the TRIO Community Room and computer lab
  • Opportunities to attend cultural events on campus and in the Boise area

If you feel that you or someone you know may qualify to be a part of TRS, please submit an application. If you have questions about your ability to be a participant in our program, please call, email, or stop by our office.