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College of Education Life at Home: Michele Carney

Michele Carney with her family
Michele Carney with her family. Photo provided by Michele Carney.

Michele Carney, associate professor of mathematics education in the department of curriculum, instruction and foundational studies, is managing to have some fun with her family while working from home, despite being in the middle of a kitchen remodel (read: they have no kitchen) when the stay-at-home order took effect.

Carney and her husband Jason are working from home while their very active kids are getting plenty of exercise, playing with the family dogs, and baking cakes on the barbecue. In between the family fun, the kids are finding time to concentrate on learning and hobbies while mom and dad work.

“Honestly, we’ve had a pretty good time hanging out as a family…at times,” Carney said. “We hope everyone is doing the best they can given the current situation.”

Make sure to watch the video below, which the Carney kids helped to shoot and edit, to see what life is like at home with the Carneys.

The College of Education faculty and staff hope everyone is staying safe, and that everyone is able to incorporate a little fun in their days. We will get through this together!

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Watch the video: Life at home with the Carneys

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