Post Baccalaureate and Certificate

Information for Post-baccalaureate Students Seeking Secondary School Teaching Certification in English

This page is intended for those who have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree and wish to earn a state certificate to teach English language arts in grades 6-12.

Boise State University offers two pathways toward teaching certification in English.  Neither leads to a Masters degree.  The two pathways are:

  • A Graduate Certificate Program, offered by the College of Education, designed to take post-baccalaureate students through certification requirements in one calendar year, beginning in summer.
  • A second Bachelor’s degree program in which students earn additional credits required for teaching certification.

The Graduate Certificate in Secondary/ K-12 Teaching is intended to take students with  Bachelor’s degrees in the subject in which they want to teach through the state required teaching courses and internships, including student teaching, within a single calendar year. The Graduate Certificate in Secondary/ K-12 Teaching is administered by Boise State’s College of Education. More information can be found on their website.

If you’re interested in the second Bachelor’s degree program, contact Jim Fredricksen at

Note: The state department of education offers an alternative route to teaching certification which does not involve taking teacher education courses or meeting conventional teaching requirements and standards.  (See the Idaho State Department of Education’s website for more information.)  We believe that this route is best only for those few individuals who already have good teaching experience but lack a teaching certificate–for example someone who has successfully taught in private schools.  For most career-entry teachers we believe that a program of preparation through a combination of course work and classroom internships is best for entering this challenging career.