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Meet our Graduates

Brooke Ranieri

The English Teaching program at Boise State allowed me the opportunity to teach and coach at a local high school (Eagle High), and that particular exposure allowed me to grasp a better understanding of where I wanted to teach moving forward. A few months after graduating, I taught English as a new language to 6th and 7th graders in Thailand for six months, and a year later found my way back to Boise State to pursue a graduate degree in Rhetoric and Composition. I am currently teaching English 101 + 102 and attending classes at night as a graduate student in the First Year Writing program.


Molly Nesbitt

The professors and students in Boise State’s Secondary English Education program instilled in me a passion to teach the whole student – mind, body, and soul – and to create space for trauma in the classroom. This passion drove me to accept a rural teaching position in the Idaho mountains amidst a community of tremendous poverty, darkness, and lack. I have been stretched beyond my capacities and have been fulfilled beyond measure.