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Amber Warrington

Associate Professor

Director of B.A. in English Teaching

Co-Director, Boise State Writing Project

Amber Warrington faculty photo


Amber Warrington is a former high school English Language Arts teacher who now teaches in and directs the English Teaching program at Boise State. She also serves as Co-Director of the Boise State Writing Project.


  • Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, The University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A., English, The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • B.A., English, The University of Texas at Austin


writing pedagogy and assessment, critical literacy, teacher inquiry, writing teacher education, antideficit teacher education

Recent Publications

  • Fredricksen, J.E., & Warrington, A. (2020). Modeling adaptive expertise together. Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Education, 9(1).
  • Skerrett, A., Williamson, T., Warrington, A., Salmerón, C., & Brady, R.B. (2019). The intersections of identities and justice-oriented efforts of urban literacy educators. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, Practice, 68, 183-204.
  • Williamson, T. & Warrington, A. (2019) “Where to take risks and where to lay low”: Tensions between preservice teacher learning and program ideological coherence. Action in Teacher Education, 41, 265-283.
  • Fowler-Amato, M., LeeKeenan, K., Warrington, A., Nash, B.L., & Brady, R.B. (2019). Working toward a socially just future in the ELA methods class. Journal of Literacy Research, 51, 158-176.
  • Warrington, A., Graeber, L., White, H., & Saxton, J. (2018). Finding value in the process: Student empowerment through self-assessment. English Journal, 107, 32-38.
  • Skerrett, A., Warrington, A., & Williamson, T. (2018). Generative principles for professional learning for equity-oriented urban English teachers. English Education, 50, 116-146.
  • Fowler-Amato, M., & Warrington, A. (2017). Teachers as designers: Social design experiments as vehicles for developing anti-deficit English education. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, Practice, 66, 358-372.
  • Hochstetler, S., Letcher, M., Jeffers, L., Warrington, A., &Buescher, E. (2016). “The biggest surprise was the feeling of empowerment”: Teachers sharing stories for advocacy and transformation. Voices from the Middle, 24, 44-47.


  • ENGL 301: Teaching English Composition
  • ENGL 380: Teaching Readers in Secondary ELA Classrooms
  • ENGL 402: Assessing Readers & Writers in Secondary ELA Classrooms
  • ENGL 480: Integrating the English Language Arts in Curriculum & Instruction
  • ENGL 495: English Language Arts Student Teacher Inquiry Community