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Clyde Moneyhun

ProfessorClyde Moneyhun faculty photo

(208) 426-3585 | LA-221

Clyde Moneyhun teaches writing, rhetoric, and literary translation. He researches the teaching of writing and theories of rhetoric and publishes scholarly work on the teaching of writing. He also publishes creative work, most recently translations of contemporary European poetry. He has taught at the University of Delaware, Stanford University, and the Universitat d’Alacant (Spain). He is the recipient of Research Travel Grants from the Alexa Rose Foundation (2017 and 2018); a Translation Grant from the Institut d’Estudis Balears (2017); a Faculty International Development Award from the University Studies Abroad Consortium (2018); and an Arts and Humanities Institute Research Fellowship (2018). He is listed in the Base de Dades de Traductors de la Literature Catalana (TRADUCAT) (the Database of Translators of Catalan Literature), hosted by the Ramon Llull Institute, the Catalan language foundation of the Spanish government.


  • PhD, Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English, University of Arizona
  • MFA, Creative Writing, University of Arizona
  • MA, American Literature, Arizona State University
  • BA, Comparative Literature, Columbia University


Pedagogy (particularly the teaching of writing), rhetoric (particularly medieval rhetoric), translation (particularly contemporary Catalan poetry)

Recent Publications

  • Haikús de camioner/Truck Driver Haikus by Dolors Miquel.  Translated from Catalan.  London: Francis Boutle, 2019.
  • El salobre/Salt by Ponç Pons.  Translated from Catalan.  London:  Francis Boutle, 2017.
  • El rei negre/The Black King by Ponç Pons.  Translated from Catalan.  Illustrated by Cynthia Farrell Johnson.  Boise:  Trupublishing, 2015.
  • “A Basic Writing Teacher Teaches Creative Writing.”  Creative Writing Pedagogies for the Twentieth-First Century, ed. Alexandria Peary and Tom C. Hunley.  Carbondale:  Southern Illinois UP, 2015.  221-242.  Print.
  •  “Tutoring Teachers.”  With Patti Hanlon-Baker.  Writing Lab Newsletter 36.9-10 (May/June, 2012):  1-5.  Nominated for the International Writing Centers Association Best Article of 2012 Award.
  • “The Invitation to Creativity.”  College Composition and Communication 63.3 (February 2012):  520-24.
  • “Annual Evaluation as Faculty Development.”  Journal of Writing Program Administrators 34.1-2 (Fall/Winter 2010):  161-65.
  • “Believing, Doubting, Deciding, Acting.”  Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning 15 (Winter 2009-10):  54-62.
  • “Literary Texts as Primers in Meaning-Making.”  In Integrating Literature and Writing Instruction in First-Year English, ed. Judith Anderson and Christine Farris.  MLA, 2008.  211-30.


  • English 304 Argument
  • English 307 Literary Translation
  • English 561 Theories of Composition
  • English 562 Theories of Rhetoric
  • English 554 Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition