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Jill Heney

LecturerJill Heney faculty photo

(208) 426-1374 | LA-101B

Jill Heney teaches inquiry-based writing and co-directs Shared Stories Lab, a multi-semester, interdisciplinary oral history project with Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP). Shared Stories Lab engages students in campus and community research for which Jill enjoys mentoring students in project development, writing, active listening, coalition building, and qualitative research. She co-edited with Tiffany Hitesman the open-educational resource Shared Stories: Campus Oral History Collection.

As teacher, writer, and life-long learner, Jill is always honing her work. She aims to create optimal learning environments. She values students, their work, and their voices.

Jill’s specialties include story, nonfiction writing, digital writing pedagogies, and American literature and film. Additional interests include teacher collaboration, patterns of composition in the arts and humanities, and design. She values collaborations between disciplines.

As co-director of the Collaborative for Teaching Writing Online (CTWO) which ran from 2010-2016, she co-led faculty development in online writing pedagogies, a collaborative endeavor that began with a grant from the Idaho State Board of Education in 2010. Jill’s articles, nonfiction, and poetry have been featured in several publications, including Nebraska English Journal, TETYC, Platte Valley Review, and Palgrave’s Pivot series.


  • M.A., English, Literature and Creative Writing Emphases, Boise State University
  • B.A.Ed. in English/Language Arts, University of Nebraska, Kearney

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