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Les Hutchinson Campos

Assistant Professor


Dr. Les Hutchinson Campos (Dr. Hutch) is an Assistant Professor of English at Boise State University in the Technical Communication program. They currently serve their department as the Teaching Assistant Mentor for the Master’s of Technical Communication program, Coordinator of Curriculum, and Anti-Racist Student Support Consultant. Often, their classes integrate service-learning partnerships with community organizations to create digital infrastructures that promote cultural sustainability and social justice. Their scholarly research brings together cultural and digital rhetorics, particularly with a focus on integrating Indigenous methods/ologies that addresses accessibility, online safety, and sovereignty.


  • Ph.D., Rhetoric and Writing, Michigan State University
  • M.A., Rhetoric and Composition, California State University San Bernardino
  • M.A., Literature, California State University San Bernardino
  • B.A., English Literature, California State University San Bernardino


Cultural Rhetorics, Digital Rhetorics, Technical Communication, Indigenous Studies, Chicanx Studies, accessibility and information architecture

Recent Publications

  • Beck, E. N. & Hutchinson, L. (Dec. 2020). Privacy Matters: Conversations about Surveillances Within and Beyond the Classroom. Edited collection with Utah State/Colorado State University Press.
  • Amidon, T., Herrington, T., Hutchinson, L., & Reyman, J. (Aug 2019). Copyright, Content, and control: Valuing student authorship within educational technology platforms.” Lunsford, K., Herrington, T., and Logie, J. (Eds). Kairos special issue on Ownership, Authorship, and Copyright.
  • Novotny, M., & Hutchinson, L. (July 2019): Data Our Bodies Tell: Towards Critical Feminist Action in Fertility and Period Tracking Applications, Technical Communication Quarterly, DOI: 10.1080/10572252.2019.1607907
  • Novotny, M. & Hutchinson, L. (Sept. 2019). Tracing a future lineage for OBOS: Reproductive health applications as a text for feminist rhetorical inquiry. Dicaglio, S. & Hertogh, L.B. (Eds.) Peitho special issue: Rhetorical pasts, rhetorical futures: Reflecting on the legacy of our bodies, ourselves and the future of feminist health literacy.
  • Hutchinson, L. & Novotny, M. (Nov 2018). Teaching a Critical Digital Literacy of Wearables: A Feminist Surveillance as Care Pedagogy. Computers and Composition. Tham, J., McGrath, M., Hill Duin, A., & Moses, J. (Eds.). Special Issue on Wearable Technology, Ubiquitous Computing, & Immersive Experience: Implications for Writing Studies.
  • Hutchinson, L. (2018). Working with loss: An academic memoir about evoking the act of memorializing. Pixelating the self: Digital feminist memoirs. Hidalgo, A. (Ed.) A digital edited collection for Enculturation: Intermezzo. hidalgo-et-al/03-les-hutchinson-working-with-loss/index.html
  • Hutchinson, L. (2018). Wielding power and doxing data: The belief in the personal and the seizure of our online documents. In Alexander, J. & Rhodes, J. (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Digital Writing and Rhetoric (pp. 303-316). New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Hutchinson, L. (2017). Writing to have no face: The queer orientation of anonymity in twitter. Social writing/Social media: Pedagogy, presentation, and publics. Walls, D. M. & Vie, S. (Eds.) WAC Clearinghouse Perspectives on Writing book series/Parlor Press.


  • English 212  Introduction to Technical Communication
  • English 408  Social Media for Non-profits
  • English 415  Technical Documentation and Usability
  • English 516  Topics in Print Document Production
  • English 536  Proposal Development
  • English 537  Writing for Social Media and Online Communities