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First Year Writing

Two English Department Lecturers welcoming students

The first-year writing sequence at Boise State University provides a space for students to take up these questions, encouraging deep reflection, extensive writing, and ongoing research. These courses introduce students to tools they can use to become versatile writers who are able to respond to a wide variety of rhetorical situations.

Although faculty in the first-year writing program all work toward the same outcomes, each instructor creates a syllabus that also reflects their interests and strengths as teachers. The result is a dynamic mix of approaches that all aim toward the same curricular goals.

Because of our program’s emphasis on collaboration and class discussion, students in our classes get to know their fellow students. They are also likely to meet with their professor in a one-on-one setting to discuss their work, since most faculty hold as many as four conferences with their students every semester. Through their first-year English classes, students will come into contact with a lot of different kinds of people, explore new strategies for writing, and discover new worlds (really).

Smiling Professor and smiling lecturer ready to help students

While first-year writing courses are important, they are also only the beginning. To continue to grow, students must be challenged (and challenge themselves) to write in increasingly complex and thoughtful ways throughout their career at Boise State. Learn more about First Year Writing from students who have taken these courses!