Student Requests

We process student requests that require director or committee approval once a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays most weeks. Materials received by 5:00 PM on Thursday are reviewed the following week. A request with missing materials will result in a delay in going to the director or committee, so be sure to submit all required information and documents with your request.

You should receive a response via Boise State student e-mail (u.boisestate.edu) within 3-4 business days after the director or committee reviews your request.

If you need information about a particular aspect of the First-Year Writing Program and you don’t find it here, please contact us at fywp@boisestate.edu or (208) 426-4209.


University Open Enrollment

Boise State allows students to add and drop eligible courses at will until the semester’s fifth day of instruction. After the fifth day, which usually falls on a Friday, students must receive permission to enroll in a course. There are variety of reasons a student may not receive permission to add a course during the second week. Some examples from the Registrar’s Office are highlighted below.

Instructors may refuse to grant a permission number if the class is full (see the Academic Calendar for the exact deadline). They may also refuse permission if your late entry would prevent you from benefiting fully from the class or would prevent other students in the class from doing so.

Office of the Registrar

First-Year Writing Program Policy on Adding a Course after Open Enrollment

While a class section may be marked as “Open” in the Student Center, First-Year Writing Program policy prohibits students from adding a course after the first week of the semester. The success of all students in a first-year writing course depends on frequent collaboration in a lively classroom community. Developing this environment begins in the first class meeting.The only exception to this policy is for waitlisted students who attend the course, participate in all activities, and submit all first-week assignments. This exception is wholly at the instructor’s discretion, requires available capacity in the section, and occurs only in the rarest of circumstances.

FYW Program-wide Attendance Guidelines

First-year writing courses are highly participatory and include independent and collaborative work. Most in-class work builds toward larger projects. These courses follow the university guidelines for attendance.

Students are expected to arrive on time, be prepared, stay for each class session, and participate fully. They are responsible for work from missed classes, whether the absence is due to university-recognized activity, active military service, illness, or personal emergency.

In addition to being responsible for all homework that is completed outside of class, students must also complete at least 85% of in-class work in order to successfully meet the goals and pass the class. For twice/week classes, this translates into five or fewer absences. Students who are unable to meet this threshold may not pass the course.

FYWP Approach to Faculty-Initated Withdrawals

According to the Boise State’s Office of the Registrar, instructors may withdraw students from a course if they do not a) attend the class’s first meeting(s) or b) meet the course prerequisites. However, first-year writing instructors do not initiate withdrawals for nonattendance. Since first-year writing courses are usually taken during a student’s first year, issues can arise that lead to missing a course’s first meeting (e.g., misreading a course schedule, confusion about a classroom location). As a result, the FYWP has decided not to use the faculty-initiated withdrawal process.

There are times when students may be automatically withdrawn from a course for not meeting its prerequisites. There are two primary reasons for these withdrawals.

  • Student attempts but does not successfully complete prerequisite course in the semester immediately prior to current enrollment, such as enrolling in ENGL 102 but then failing ENGL 101.
  • Student is permitted to enroll in a course based on unofficial documentation (e.g., a printout unofficial AP Language and Composition examination results) but then official documentation is not received.

In the case of automatic withdrawal based on entrance requirements, students are responsible for enrolling in the correct course or ensuring proper documentation is received by the Office of the Registrar.


University Policy on Incomplete Grades

Boise State’s Office of the Registrar has two requirements for an I grade. First, a student must be in good standing in the class. Second, extenuating circumstances prevent the student from finishing work of the course before the semester’s end.

Incomplete Grades in First-Year Writing

First-year writing classes are smaller than many lower-division courses, require regular attendance, and rely on drafting and revision. As a result, incomplete grades are extremely rare in first-year writing courses.

In order to receive an I grade, students must visit with their instructor to see whether an Incomplete grade is possible or appropriate. The instructor will receive approval from FYWP administrators and submit a timeline (maximum of one year) and work expectations for the student to a) complete assignments and b) receive a grade.


Problems Enrolling in First-Year Writing

Since first-year writing courses are usually taken during a student’s first year, there are a variety of reasons for problems enrolling in first-year writing, such the following:

  • Student does not meet course prerequisites (e.g., course placement via The Write Class assessment)
  • Open enrollment has closed
  • The class section is at capacity
  • Student is not yet eligible to enroll in courses
  • The class section has additional requirements
  • Student has previously completed the course

Not all enrollment problems are eligible for a permission number, however.

Requesting Permission Numbers

The First-Year Writing Program generally issues permission numbers only in the final two cases above.

If a class section has additional requirements in order for students to enroll, there will be additional information in the course notes section in the Student Center. Students should follow those instructions or contact fywp@boisestate.edu.

For enrolling in a course that they have taken previously, students should complete the Exceed Maximum Undergraduate Course Registration form. Students must receive the academic advisor’s signature before bringing to the First-Year Writing Program, Liberal Arts Building 256.

University Policies

For university policy information, see the Boise State Student Code of Conduct.