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The Student Experience

May 2017

Phoebe Felker, Junior, Political Science

Going into the First Year Writing Courses I was hoping I would be able to gain confidence in my writing. I think that the English courses provided exactly what I needed. I was pushed in the right direction and I felt free to explore my writing in ways that I had not previously done before. I now feel confident as a writer and I have a new love for English. I am now considering even minoring in it. I can thank the English department for allowing me to come into my own as a writer and a learner.

My favorite things about the class were sharing my work with my classmates and peer review. The most valuable insight that I gained was the importance of revising. Revise, revise, revise. It is tedious but it truly helps to make your writing and assignments better. My writing is better, my understanding of materials I am learning has improved, and I feel more competent as a student.

October 2018

Theron Renson, Junior, Bachelor of Applied Science

My first impression of a writing course was, oh no, I haven’t written a paper in over seventeen years! How was I ever going to get through this? The first thing I got out of my writing courses was the ability to structure my writing with evidence and creativity. My favorite thing about the class was being able to learn the difference from traditional writing versus non-traditional. Knowing the difference between the two took me to a higher level of achievement and I actually enjoyed the feedback I received from my peers/instructor. I felt they wanted me to achieve a higher level of understanding from my own writing, as well as learn from others.

After the class was over I felt a huge boost of confidence knowing I was prepared for more upcoming classes that would require vigorous writing, and I was not disappointed. Many classes I have taken have required those vital skills and I keep applying them in every class I am currently taking.