B.A. in Literature

“. . . the most important stuff I’ve learned I think I’ve learned from novels.”
Barack Obama

Course Offerings

Core Courses

ENGL 198: Introduction to English Studies

ENGL 275: Methods of Literary Study (CID requirement)

ENGL 424: Advanced Topics in Literature (2 courses, each with a different focus)

ENGL 498: Senior Capstone in Literary Studies (FF requirement)

Historical Breadth Courses

ENGL 267 Survey of British Literature to 1790

ENGL 268 Survey of British Literature 1790-Present

ENGL 277 Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to Civil War

ENGL 278 Survey of American Literature Civil War to Present

Critical Thinking and Theory

ENGL 304 Argument

ENGL 393 Literary Criticism and Theory


ENGL 201 Nonfiction Writing

ENGL 202 Technical Communication

ENGL 204 Creative Nonfiction: Genres and Contexts

CW 202 Writing Poetry

CW 203 Writing Fiction

ENGL 324 Topics in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

ENGL 329 Grammar, Style, and Writing

ENGL 401 Advanced Nonfiction Writing

Gender/Diversity/Culture (choose 1)

ENGL 390 Ethnic Literature

ENGL 395 Women Writers

ENGL 396 Postcolonial Literature

300-level Literature courses (choose 3)

ENGL 338 Literature in Translation

ENGL 340 Chaucer

ENGL 341 Medieval Literature

ENGL 345 Shakespeare

ENGL 350 British Renaissance Literature

ENGL 351 Milton

ENGL 358 Eighteenth-Century British Literature

ENGL 360 British Romantic Literature

ENGL 365 Victorian Literature

ENGL 375 Early American Literature

ENGL 377 American Renaissance

ENGL 378 American Realism

ENGL 383 Studies in Fiction

ENGL 384 Literature of the American West

ENGL 385 Studies in Poetry

ENGL 386 Modern and Contemporary British Literature

ENGL 387 Modern and Contemporary American Literature

ENGL 388 Studies in Nonfiction

ENGL 389 Studies in Drama

ENGL 390 Ethnic Literature

ENGL 392 Film and Literature

ENGL 394 Literature and the Environment

ENGL 395 Women Writers

ENGL 396 Postcolonial Literature