Meet our Graduates

Graduate International Student in Literature, Boise State University

George Evans

Gaining an undergraduate degree in literature from Boise State University has given me a strong foundation to build upon as a graduate student. As undergraduate literature students at Boise State, we are taught to read deeply, to communicate authentically and intentionally, and are pushed to make sense where sense seems evasive.

Graduate Student in Literature, Boise State University

Gretchen Garner

Everything around us has some form of narrative powering it, and my literature degree has taught me about the startling momentum of shared stories.  Experience, defining a sense of self, social evolutions and revolutions…everything relies on deciding what we say, write, and offer.  Now I’ll get to take what I’ve learned, teach for BSU through the English department’s TA-ship program, and show students how to generate their own identity and form a world worth believing in.  And I’m good with that.