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Masters in Literature

“I learned to be a reader and writer, which is not a profession but a way of life, a way of seeing the world. I understand the world through the stories I’ve read and make sense of the world through the daily investigation and expression that is my writing” ~Literature alumna

About our Program

The Master of Arts in English, Literature serves students interested in
future doctoral work in Literature or any career where reading, writing, and analytical skills are needed. The program offers a diverse range of courses in British, American, global Anglophone literature, literatures in translation, literary and critical theory and topics that cover issues of race, gender, class, and culture. The main goal of our program is to train students to become critical thinkers, speakers, effective writers, empathetic subjects, and public intellectuals and prepare them to face challenges in both academic and nonacademic careers in a culturally complex, economically diverse, information-rich, and globally connected world.

Funding Opportunities