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Masters in Rhetoric and Composition

Boise State University’s Masters in English, Rhetoric and Composition provides students with a strong foundation in both rhetorical theory and composition pedagogy, preparing graduates for both careers in the teaching of writing or work as writing specialists including professional writing, web design, writing for social media, and grant writing. Our distinguished faculty includes specialists in rhetorical theory, pedagogy, creative nonfiction, digital rhetoric, writing program and writing center administration, and ESL.

Program Opportunities

Beginning in Fall, 2016, students enrolled in the Masters in English, Rhetoric and Composition program at Boise State will benefit from a new, updated curriculum, one that broadens the mission to prepare graduates to be writing specialists as well as writing instructors.  New coursework widens students’ perspectives on how to use their rhetorical knowledge in a range of professional settings, including nonprofits, businesses, advocacy organizations, and government.


  • One application will enter you for 12 different scholarships available only to English majors.
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