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Masters in Technical Communication

We at Boise State see technical communication as a humanistic discipline; that is, we approach it as a set of principles, tools, and practices that enable people to communicate with each other for mutual benefit. Technical communication is a major means by which people navigate through a high-tech world, but our emphasis always remains on the needs of people.

Boise State’s technical communication courses prepare you to:

      • Perform with integrity
      • Solve problems
      • Manage time and priorities
      • Take the initiative
      • Think critically
      • Analyze, evaluate, and interpret information
      • Contribute to a team
      • Effectively communicate orally (and in writing, too!)
      • Build and sustain working professional relationships

In the technical communication program at Boise State, you will learn all of these critical skills — and more — through our practical, flexible curriculum that’s been designed to suit your interests, and be delivered on your schedule.


  • One application will enter you for 12 different scholarships available only to English majors.
  • See Graduate Assistantships