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Undergraduate Advising

Congratulations! You are already on the fast-track to success by seeking advising!

Undergraduate Advising

This site contains information about getting an advisor, choosing a catalog, understanding area requirements and transfer credits, scheduling classes, applying for graduation, and marketing your English degree.

If this website doesn’t answer your advising questions please email us at

English Emphasis Checksheets

Checksheets help you keep track of your degree progress. Visit the Registrar’s Undergraduate Catalog or meet with your advisor for more information on Checksheets. Be sure to choose the correct catalog year. To figure out your catalog year please watch the following video: Check Your Catalog Year

Your catalog year is most likely the year that you started at Boise State but you can have your catalog year switched to any year that you have attended Boise State through the Registrar’s Office.

New Student Orientation

Before enrolling for your first semester at Boise State University you must first attend an orientation. For questions about how to sign-up for an orientation or about the events involved please contact New Student and Family Services.  They oversee the orientations and their office can be found on the first floor of the Student Union Building.

During your orientation you will meet with members of the English Advising Team, where you will discuss potential class schedules, placement scores, or any other questions you may have. The Advising Team will also accompany you to the computer lab and help you enroll in classes.

Required Advising

After you have applied to Boise State University and attended an orientation, you will be required to attend another advising session during your first semester.  During the advising session, there will be a quick presentation, announcements, and then some one-on-one advising with a member of the English Advising Team.

Prior to receiving your Required Advising session, a hold will be placed on your account that will prevent you from registering for your second semester. Once the Required Advising session is complete, the hold will be removed.

Meeting with your Program Advisor

Each student in the English Department within their first semester at Boise State will be assigned to a Program Advisor, who is also a professor. Your Program Advisor’s name is listed in your Student Center on myBoiseState.

If this is your first semester at Boise State, your Program Advisor’s name will appear 2-3 weeks into the semester.

If you wish to have your advisor changed at any time, email us at

Transfer Credits

Requesting an Academic Adjustment

Note: If you believe you have not been given appropriate credit for transfer courses by the Registrar’s Office, reach out to the English Advising Coordinator, Becca Wolf. The adjustment process takes time; plan accordingly.

Step One:

First, make sure the Registrar’s Office at Boise State received your transcripts from previous institutions.  For more, contact the Boise State Registrar’s Office.

Step Two:

Once the Registrar’s Office receives your transcripts and applies the credits to your Boise State degree plan, view your myBoiseState advisement report to see if the transfer courses applied to the correct sections.

Step Three:

Consult with the English Advising Coordinator, Becca Wolf, about all 200-level and above English, linguistics, and/or humanities courses that you believe have not been given appropriate credit by the Registrar’s Office.

  • official catalog course descriptions,
  • web links (URLs) to those sections in the institution’s catalog, and
  • any syllabi or other materials that help to substantiate your case.

If the adjustment is approved, send the following information to Becca Wolf, so that she can complete the form she will send to the Associate Dean:

  • your student number
  • your phone number
  • your Boise State email address
  • your catalog year at Boise State
  • your English emphasis
  • your advisor’s name
  • your estimated date of graduation

Note: The English Advising Coordinator only assesses English, linguistics and humanities courses.  For all other courses, seek assistance from the departments offering that subject at Boise State (e.g. Boise State Biology Department for biology courses).

BA Degrees in English

Boise State requires that students take at least 30 credits at the university to obtain a second bachelor’s degree.  Some of those credits may come from Boise State outside of the English department, and there is no minimum number of upper-division credits required. To obtain a specific plan from the English Department, contact to set up a meeting.

BA Degrees in English Teaching

Students seeking an additional BA degree in English Teaching must have taken all courses required by the College of Arts and Sciences (home of the English Department), as well as courses required by the College of Education. Because everyone has a different academic history, each plan for a degree in English Teaching is unique. Before a student makes any plans to attend Boise State to pursue a degree in English Teaching, they should initiate the process by requesting a transcript evaluation from the English Advising (