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Jobs and Internships

The Department of English is proud to support the continued education of students in our programs by offering customized opportunities for English majors, both undergraduate and graduate, to earn hands-on experience in the workplace. You won’t be fetching coffee; you’ll be getting to work.


Internships give students the chance to learn what a career is like before leaving school. They are also tremendous networking opportunities. Often internships involve working with a company in the Treasure Valley. Some internships are developed through on-campus partners. Examples of past internships include positions with responsibilities in writing, editing, television journalism, video production, administrative support for literary projects, website content strategy, and usability research.

Many internships are paid, although a few are for experience only. Several internships often turn into part-time or full-time jobs after the internship, depending on the company’s needs and the intern’s performance.

The English Department provides credits for internships through both ENGL (English) and LING (Linguistics) courses. One internship credit is awarded for each 45 hours of internship-related work. Registration for internships requires completion of specific paperwork, and hours worked may only be counted after the student has registered for the internship in a given semester: fall, spring, or summer.

To Find an Internship or Sign Up for an Internship

If you have questions or would like help finding an internship, email Debra Purdy, Internships Coordinator, at

If you already have an internship, but need to sign up for credit, see the Boise State Internship Application for Academic Credit.

English Department Internship Mission Statement

The internship program is an integral component and extension of the academic offerings of the English Department at Boise State University. The program is designed to enhance the student’s total academic experience through a supervised and planned experience at a selected business or organization.

English Department Internship Program Goals

  • To provide opportunities for gaining workplace experience
  • To encourage students to be self-directed in their approach to professional development
  • To provide opportunities to apply and reflect on academic experience in a professional field setting
  • To broaden the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate English students by giving them an opportunity to work with practitioners in the field
  • To foster links between English department programs and business and organizations in the Treasure Valley

For Additional Details

Contact the Internship Coordinator, Debra Purdy (

Your Internship Experience
The English Department is actively working on providing more internship opportunities to English majors and we would like to receive your input regarding your internship experience. Fill out this short form to provide feedback. Direct questions to Maya Duratovic: