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Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication (WRTC) is a relevant, community-focused undergraduate degree. Students learn rhetorical and practical skills that fit today’s workplace and help them make a difference in the world.

Explore Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

Our graduates develop essential skills in writing, analysis, and technology so they can help audiences connect, inform, and achieve. Our emphasis offers students a chance to become excellent communicators. Students choose a customized path of courses in areas such as:

  • Writing (including creative nonfiction and technical writing)
  • Rhetoric (including argument, persuasion, analysis, rhetorical theory, and rhetoric and pop culture)
  • Technical communication (including grant and proposal writing, usability, and social media)
  • Editing (including grammar, style, and editing for clear communication)
  • Advocacy, community, and leadership (including writing for advocacy and change, participating in service-learning and community-based projects, and writing for nonprofits).

Our courses prepare you to:


  • Write persuasively and effectively within a wide range and genres and for a variety of purposes and audiences;
  • Create clear, concise, usable documents that help audiences accomplish specific tasks, solve problems, and understand information;
  • Use technology to create, design, manage, and deliver content;
  • Apply rhetorical concepts of audience, context, and purpose to make effective and ethical choices about style, organization, content, and design;
  • Communicate effectively through a variety of media; and
  • Critically read and edit your own and others’ documents