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Graduate Defense: Melissa Brown

February 17 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm MST

square graphic which says "Dissertation Defense"Dissertation Information

Title: Exploring Digital And Print Text Experiences Of Adolescent Readers

Program: Doctor of Education in Education Technology

Advisor: Dr. Norm Friesen, Educational Technology

Committee Members: Dr. Patrick Lowenthal, Educational Technology and Dr. Ross Perkins, Educational Technology


Digital texts are widely available for educational, informational, and
communicative reading tasks, and they are influencing the ways in which both
children and adults read and write. Some people choose to read exclusively digital or print texts, but many read both types, depending on the purpose of the reading task, the availability of the text, and other factors. Academic and leisure reading are important for high school students. As is well known, in these advanced grades, reading and comprehension hold the keys to learning curricular content and skills. Increased leisure and personal reading is correlated not only with improved overall academic performance, but is essential for lifelong learning and civic participation. Readers experience digital text differently from print text, evoking different mental associations and experiences.This study will utilize a hermeneutic phenomenological approach to investigate high school students’ experiences of digital texts in order to examine how students’ experiences with digital texts differ from experiences with traditional print media.