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Social Media Tips & Tricks

Brennan Smith (Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Work-U)

Choose the Right Platform

Many people assume that one post fits all, but that is not always the case! There are many different types of posts that can be made on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Figuring out what platform to use is just as important as the content of the post. For example, if you are starting a small business, Facebook might be your best option for exposure. “There are over 80 million small businesses using Facebook’s free business tools.” (Hubspot). 

Establish What Type of Post You’re Making

Once you have decided on a platform to post on, decide on what kind of post you want to make. A key for figuring out what kind of post you wish to create can reside within the message of the post. If you are

Photo of how you access Instagram Stories on Instagram.

 wanting to make a post that will spark a lot of engagement, then an Instagram and/or Facebook story might be the way to go. 

Instagram and Facebook stories allow users to share, repost and send directly via direct messaging through the platform. It is also a great way to help support local businesses or upcoming events that need more exposure! Instagram stories spark more engagement because they are designed for exposure as opposed to a normal Instagram post. They also create a sense of community, as they allow people to see and interact directly with what is currently happening with your business that would not necessarily warrant a traditional Instagram post. 

From a business perspective, if you are looking to utilize every aspect of Instagram, you cannot forget about InstagramTV. According to Hubspot, “28% of video marketers plan to include InstagramTV in their 2020 video marketing strategy.”(Hubspot).  IGTV is unique because it allows for vertical videos that can be shared that are within 15 minutes long. Vertical videos are becoming more popular with the rise of TikTok and the decrease in user attention spans. Utilizing every aspect of a social media platform is the best way to get maximum exposure. 

Have a Target Audience in Mind

Large group of diverse cartoon people.Once the platform and type of post is decided, it is important to figure out who you want to see your post. Creating a post that was not intended to be for a certain audience can leave viewers confused and uninterested. Having a target audience in mind is crucial for maximum views and engagement. Creating a post that encourages viewers to share and repost can reach new audiences that were not previously reachable, expanding your audience and total engagement. 

If your target audience is a younger demographic, then Instagram might be the way to go. “Over two-thirds of total Instagram audiences are 34-years-old or younger, as of April of 2020.” (Hubspot). If your target audience is an older demographic than Facebook is definitely the way to go, “Perhaps more interestingly, 41% of Facebook users are 65+.”(Synthesio)

Capture Your Audience Quickly

A human silhouette with the head open with creative process flowing out.

Users on popular social media platforms do not always have the best attention spans. According to a survey done by Hubspot, “73% of people admit to skimming blog posts, while 27% consume them thoroughly.” (Hubspot). Creating content that will capture your audience quickly is an important way to maintain your audience while also attracting new viewers. Creating short motion videos is a great way to capture an audience and keep them engaged. The first five seconds of engagement is the most crucial, “The first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time.” (Hubspot) Causing your viewers to stop swiping, even briefly, will increase the traffic to your website/social media account. 

Post at the Right Time

Graphic of a Calendar detailing the best time to post on Instagram.Once a post is completed and ready to be posted to the selected platform, it is important to remember that your target audience may be busy and may not see your post until much later in the day, if at all. Social media users follow a large number of varying accounts, which can clog up their timeline. An event related post will require more time for viewers to get a chance to see what the event is about. Posting earlier in the day while promoting your post throughout the day gives viewers more time to plan or repost the upcoming event. Non time related posts should not be posted earlier in the day, “Collectively, posting activity on social media across all companies tends to follow a bell curve with very little activity during the early morning hours, most content being posted during work hours, followed by reduced posting activity in the afternoon.” (Hubspot)


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