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August, The Sunday of Summer. Get Your Fall and Spring Events Booked Today!

Written by: Jakob Wachter 

As our summer comes to a close and our students begin to rev up for the semester, it is up to all of us to welcome them back with open arms and create memorable experiences. These events require planning, and with the influx of requests and an increased desire to gather, the time is NOW!

Spaces are filling up fast and as much as our team would love to be able to accommodate every event request, space and resources are limited right now. So, if you know of an event you would like to do this fall or spring, get the space booked as soon as possible. We need your help to get them in before the spaces are gone! The early bird gets the worm or in this case the room!

How far out can we book events?

University Event Services accepts reservation requests throughout the calendar year and will generally confirm reservations up to 12 calendar months prior to the event date. Parties requesting a reservation more than twelve calendar months in advance or annual reservations up to five years in advance must seek approval by Student Union Administration through the Extended Timeline Request. When making the determination to confirm reservations more than twelve calendar months in advance, the Student Union Administration will consider the size of the event (anticipated attendance), the amount of space needed, the logistical history of the event, and whether an organization has to make an earlier commitment to a speaker, artist, or vendor.

How do I book an event?

You can call us, email us, or walk right on into our office to get a space booked for your next event. Keep your eyes peeled for new updates on our new system, Mazevo, that allows for on-the-go event requests via the app or online. Our intake team will be the ones to receive all inquiries and approve all requests. Our intake team includes our Client Relations Manager, our Event Sales and Scheduling Coordinator, and our Event Scheduling Specialists, and all of them actively work to receive, schedule, and assign your event requests to the Event Coordinators. Once your event request has been scheduled you will receive a Pending Services service order that will then be sent to your assigned Event Coordinator. Your coordinator will then work with you the rest of the way in securing the service details necessary for your upcoming event!  

What do I do if my request cannot be accommodated?

If we are unable to accommodate your event request in one of our many spaces, do not fret. First ask yourself, can the event be hosted on a different day? Or can we split the event into two sessions to be held in a smaller room?  If all the above is no, our Client Relations Manager, Rochelle Criswell has collected contact information for other folks on campus who may have a venue that could accommodate your upcoming event!

Our team is so excited to be supporting in-person events and we are excited to dive back into the hustle and bustle of the fall semester on our beautiful campus. Although our team is small, we are confident that our incredible partners like you will understand as we build back up and enter the world of events again with our trademark Bronco innovation!

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