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Five Themed Halloween Parties You Have to Throw This Season!

Written by: Sidnie Boadwine

Backyard Horror Movie Night!

Invite your friends over for an outdoor movie night in your very own backyard! Pick a scary screamer and cozy up with some festive blankets. All you need is a blank wall or sheet and a portable projector (you can hook this up to your laptop or another device). Set up some comfy seating and maybe even your own DIY creepy concession stand full of sweet treats!

If you’re a part of a Student Organization on campus, this is a great event for you to plan through Event Services. Get your group together and use our amazing audiovisual resources to celebrate the spooky season.

Fall Flower Arranging Party!

Not really into the spooky side of Halloween? That’s okay! Try hosting a floral arranging party instead. Hit up your local farmer’s market and keep an eye out for fun, fresh, and vibrant flowers. Don’t have a farmer’s market near you? Trader Joes or Whole Foods usually has good blooms to choose from. Grab some easy snacks, put on some Monster Mash, and get creative putting your arrangements together!

Pumpkin Carving Gathering!

Invite everyone over or host a virtual gathering for a friendly little pumpkin carving competition! If you want to host in person, have all your friends bring a pumpkin of their choice so they can create their own fun design. Put some trash bags down on the tables, get a few spoons to scoop out the seeds, some sharpies to draw out the plan, a couple of sharp knives to carve, and some tealight candles to bring it all together. For a virtual gathering, set up a Zoom and have everyone tune in from home. Maybe even suggest that they use a creative haunted screen name! Accompany this with a few prizes for the best jack-o-lanterns and you have a festive, easy party that’s fun for all! 

Trick-or-Treat Candy Making!

Baking goodies is a fun activity for everyone of all ages! This year, instead of filling your home with store-bought goodies, try getting your family and friends together and make them on your own. Dip and cover candy apples with your favorite toppings or decorate Halloween-shaped cookies with tasty frosting. Everyone will be able to channel their own love for the spooky season while having bloody good treats for days!

Pumpkin Spice Lovers Unite!

If you wait all year for the return of pumpkin spice everything, then this party is for you! Send a ghostly invitation out to your friends and ask them to each bring a fun treat with pumpkin spice as the main star. Since your friends will mainly be bringing all the festive foods and drinks, all you have to do is set up for the occasion (cue evil laugh now)! Put on some Hocus Pocus, light your favorite autumn candle, and hang some black and orange lights for ambiance. By the time the party arrives, you just have to sit back, relax and take in all the pumpkin spice you can possibly get.