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Planning Your Event

Are you planning an event outside our services? We know this can be challenging and frustrating. We have put together a list of considerations for you and your team to refer to when planning these events.

1. Secure Your Venue

There are a variety of great venues on campus where you can host your event. Talk with the venue contact about rates, services, access, and venue guidelines.

Are you hosting an event outdoors? Because we live in Idaho, we recommend that you always have a backup plan for the weather.

2. Forms

Depending on the event you are hosting you may have to seek approval. Common approvals are amplified sound request, catering exemption request, retail merchandising exemption form, and collecting Certificates of Insurance from contractors, vendors, and performers.

3. Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance Requests

Are you hosting your event outdoors?  We suggest taking time to tour your venue.  Review questions like will I need power, do sprinklers need to be turned off, does that grass need to be cut prior, do sidewalks need to be cleaned?

Are you hosting an event indoors? When touring your indoor location ask yourself will I need extra trash services, do I know how to turn on the lights, will I need to change the air condition or heat, or will we need additional help with clean up after the event?

These requests will need to be directed to Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance. They offer a wide variety of services to help you with your event. Review their services. It is best to send one detailed request for your event. Remember to include event details like date, time, location, and when you would like services completed.

4. Parking and Security

Parking is essential to any event. Review parking guidelines and services as you begin planning your event. Submit your request early so that you have the best chance of securing parking for your event.

If you are in need of security service for your event please reach out to Campus Safety and Risk Management.

5. Food and Beverage

Our University contracts with Aramark to provide catering and bar service to campus. Work with their team to build your menu to secure your delivery.

If you are considering an outside food and beverage vendor, review our guidelines for more information.

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6. Securing Equipment

When securing your equipment for an event you can request delivery services or audiovisual services from Event Services. If we are unable to fill the request, please work with an area vendor to fill your request.

If you are securing a tent larger than 20 x20? Work with Randy Bunnis to schedule a fire Marshal walkthrough prior to your event.

If you are contracting with an outside vendor work with purchasing to ensure you are following contracting guidelines.

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