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Reserving spaces, event coordination, and support for campus events have recently shifted as of July 1, 2022, and will continue to change as the Office of University Events is built to assist in serving campus to produce high quality events. To better serve the campus to navigate hosting an event, review the FAQ.  If you need additional assistance or resources, please contact Heather Lile, Director of The Office of University Events,

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning an Event

How far in advance should I plan my event?

With limited space and resources on campus, it is encouraged that you book your event as soon as possible. For events utilizing many campus resources such as parking, catering, audio/visual support, security, or personnel support, planning in advance means the likelihood that resources will be available to help your event go smoothly. Here is a planning timeline guide.

What spaces are available to reserve for an event?

Is there a list of campus resources I should contact when planning an event?

Yes. Below is a list of departments to contact when organizing an event on campus, depending on the scope of your event. Even if you don’t think you will require services from these departments, it’s a good idea to go through the checklist and talk through your event with individual departments:

  1. Catering – What type of service would you like? What is the date of the event? Who is the client? Boise State Dining or external vendors?
  2. Parking – How many people/vehicles am I expecting? Check-in with parking for guidelines, resources, and information.
  3. Audio/Visual – Does the space you reserved have the necessary equipment? Do you need technical assistance? 
  4. Security – Do you need support from campus security? Let them know of any special guests (Governor, Mayor, etc.) or if the University President will be in attendance. 
  5. Facilities Operations and Maintenance – Do you need sprinklers turned off the night before for an outdoor event? Extra garbage and recycling receptacles? 

How do I publicize or promote my event?

Submit your event listing to the University’s Event Calendar by filling out this form. If your event is in the Student Union, you can also submit by filling out Student Union Promotions.

Student Union Events

What buildings does Student Union Events support?

Student Union Events supports the Student Union Building (SUB), Alumni & Friends Center (AFC), the Special Events Center (SPEC), and Christ Chapel. Outdoor spaces include the Quad and select areas near the ILC. Mazevo is used to schedule and book rooms and related outdoor areas. You can request space in one of these areas by logging into Mazevo with your Boise State email and going through the process outlined. Here is a quick tutorial should you wish to learn more about Mazevo.

What support does Student Union Events provide?

Student Union Event Services can provide limited support for events outside of its designated areas with advance notice. Audio/visual equipment, tables, chairs, risers, podiums, etc., are available to rent. Additionally, if you need an event coordinator or A/V assistance, that might be a possibility, depending on availability. A list of available equipment and pricing can be found here. In most instances, the party renting equipment will be responsible for arranging the pick up and drop off of said equipment.

Are there other spaces can I book through Student Union Events?

No. Other spaces on campus need to be reserved through the departments or offices that serve those spaces. Click here for other campus venues.

How do I reserve a space that the Student Union does not support?

A list of campus venues and contact information can be found here. Contact the Registrar’s Office to reserve general classroom space.

What if I need audio/visual support in a non-supported space?

Please contact the event coordinator in the rental space for AV options. (When to connect with OIT/Classrooms?)  If AV options are not available internally, you may contract with a third party vendor. As mentioned above, A/V equipment is available to rent. OIT also offers support for events outside of Student Union Events purview.

Stueckle Sky Center & Athletic Spaces

Who manages facility rentals for athletic spaces?

Athletics now books and supports all events in Stueckle Sky Center, Caven Williams, Dona Larson Park, Appleton Tennis Center, the Gymnastics Room, and Albertsons Stadium. To inquire about renting these spaces, fill out the form found here and someone in Athletics will get in touch with you.


Who do I contact for catering on campus?

Boise State Dining presents Carved & Crafted Catering. Carved & Crafted is our internal catering service, new to campus this year with elevated menus and presentations. Updated catering guidelines can be found here along with the easy online ordering system, or talk to one of our catering managers to create the right menu for your event. (Here’s a how-to tutorial.) You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one. Contact Dining at with questions.

How far in advance do I need to order catering?

It is recommended that you order catering 30 days in advance, a minimum of 14 days is required. Those requesting services with less than 14 days’ notice will be directed to use an external caterer. The guest experience is of utmost importance. When catering on campus is at capacity, you may need to modify your request or be granted an exemption to hire an externally approved vendor.  Capacity is based on staffing levels, delivery vehicles, kitchen space, sourcing products, etc.

Can I contact an external vendor for catering on campus?

Yes, external catering is allowed on campus, with certain restrictions. When booking an external vendor, you must fill out this external catering request form and have it approved 10 days prior to your event.

External caterers are not allowed to use kitchens or serveries except to stage prepared items and must be approved. The event host and caterer are responsible for clean-up of the facilities and restoring them to their original condition.

What do I need to do if I want alcoholic beverages served at my event?

If you desire alcohol catering at your event, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Any event with alcohol served on campus must have a permit provided by Boise State Dining Services.
  • ONLY Boise State Dining can provide alcohol beverage services and must be served with food.

You must apply for an alcohol permit through Boise State Catering,

If you have questions not answered here, please reach out to Heather Lile at, Rochelle Criswell at, or Heather Calkins @