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Mazévo 101

Requesting space and services just got easier!  Introducing Mazévo.  Mazévo streamlines the event intake process and gives YOU more control of your event.

  • Make event or service requests via or the app
  • Access your event details – in real-time, any time!
  • Make changes to existing event details

Not sure where to start? Check out the videos below.

Download the App

Request Space and Services

Watch the video below and let us guide you through the process of requesting space and services in our new reservation system, Mazévo.

Request Space and Services Using the App

Download the the Mazévo App with Apple Store or Google Play.

Event confirmations in Mazévo

What is an event confirmation? This important document lists your event space, date, services, and pricing. Review your confirmation often for accuracy. It will paint a picture of where you are at in the event planning process.

Your event confirmation may look a little different in our new reservation system. Let us walk you through the confirmation and how to read it in the video below.