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University Event Service Glossary

Service Glossary

Service Glossary

University Event Services recognizes we are not like traditional event venues. We build this glossary to help our clients navigate our timelines, guidelines, and procedures. Please feel free to reach out to your booking coordinator or event coordinator if you have further questions.

Event Sales and Scheduling Coordinator

The Event Sales and Scheduling Coordinator is responsible for managing the books as a whole in addition to supervising the intake and booking process. (S)he then assigns all events to our in-house event coordinators. The Event Sales and Scheduling Coordinator works closely with student employees in ensuring a smooth booking experience for our campus partners and external partners while working with the Client Relations Manager to ensure partner satisfaction by keeping them informed and included in campus event decisions and protocol. If you are looking to book an event on campus, reach out to or call at (208) 426-1677 to speak with a student Event Scheduling Specialist or the Event Sales and Scheduling Coordinator to get booked!

External Organization

An organization holding an event that has no affiliation with Boise State.

Internal Organization

Our campus partners, a Boise State department, group, or organization hosting an event.

An event that is sponsored by a University department or student organization with an outside organization. The event attendance must consist of  51% or more of university students, staff, or faculty.  The event must be approved by several university parties before being booked by University Event Services.

Standard Event

University events that does not require any services (Ex: audiovisual, catering, and/or parking). Reservation requests can be approved day-of-event as availability allows.

Serviced Event

A serviced event does not exceed 200 people and requires services to be scheduled like parking, catering, and/or audiovisual. Reservations and service requests must be received a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the event date.

Major Event

A Major Event is any event that is greater in number and coordination effort than a serviced meeting. The classification of an event as a Major Event is at the sole discretion of UES. Major Events require additional planning; therefore, reservation requests for these events must be received at least four (4) weeks prior to the first day of the event.

Facility Use Agreement

A contract that is signed by the reserving party and University Event Services confirming the use of the space in a University Event Services managed venue.

Event Space Confirmation

An EMS (Event Management Software) generated with the requested date, time, and location of the proposed event.

Event Services Confirmation

An EMS generated confirmation with the confirmed date, time, and location of the event with the requested and proposed event services (ex. Parking, audiovisual services, operation services).

Requested Status

A client or campus partner has requested us to hold space in one of our venues and is working with our Intake team to send in the appropriate documentation.

Pending Services Status

A client or campus partner has submitted their appropriate documentation and the intake team has assigned an event coordinator. The event coordinator will work with the client or campus partner to request the appropriate services and seek approvals.

Approved Status

All services have been approved by service partners (parking, audiovisual team, etc.) and the client or campus partner. The event is ready for execution.

Event Coordinator

Our in-house event coordinators are your best friend and your closest ally in the campus event planning process. They are the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker, the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter, the Elle Woods to your Paulette if you will! They take your ideas and plans and turn them into reality. Through each step of the event planning process, our talented event coordinators will help navigate the many processes and procedures required to book event services on campus all the while offering suggestions and creative tips and tricks. Services include but are not limited to parking, catering, security, operations, av, risk management, etc. Their skills go far beyond a simple bend and snap, making your event planning experience a piece of cake!

Substantial Changes

Any substantial changes requested and approved day of the event will incur a fee equal to double the rate of each requested service.

Addition, removal, or moving of:

  • Any amount of Staging
  • Two or more section of Pipe and Drape
  • More than 5 power cords
  • Adjusting/resetting half or more than an original room set
  • Any delivery of additional equipment/ 2nd delivery (add-ons)
  • Setting up third party equipment/client’s equipment
  • Air Walls
  • 5 or more rounds for seating
  • 10 or more 6’ tables for seating
  • 50 or more chairs

Final Invoice

After preliminary invoice approval is received a final invoice is generated no later than 21 days following your event.

UES Managed Spaces

The campus venues managed by University Event Services. These spaces include the Student Union Building, Stueckle Sky Center, Alumni and Friends Center, Christ Chapel, and various other outside venues. These spaces must be reserved through University Event Services to host events or meetings.