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Christ Chapel, built in 1866, is recognized on both National and City of Boise Registries of Historic Places.
Preserved and restored by the Christ Chapel Historical Society, it features beautiful stained glass
windows and architectural features from the 1860s and 1870s. With its rich history and ideal location on
Boise State campus, the chapel offers an intimate setting for your wedding, religious ceremony, or lecture.
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Rental Rate: $800.00 includes three (3) hours on the day of the ceremony/event

*Rental cost also includes the lawn area outside the chapel, which can be used for outdoor receptions.

Additional Hours $150.00

Rental charges must be paid in full at the time of booking to secure your event date.


  • Custom stained glass windows
  • Refurbised pews
  • Silver Candle Sticks and Crusifix


Christ Chapel holds approximately 100 people in original wooden pew seating.


Christ Chapel is a historic building and does not include a ramped entrance for guests in wheelchairs or with limited mobility to independently access the facility. There are 5 steps leading up to the main entrance.

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We are committed to providing each client with the most convenient parking for your guests. Parking arrangements are required and will be made through your Event Coordinator during the event planning process.

Hosted Event Parking –The reserving party may choose to pay for parking for their guests at the Event Parking Rate of  $2.50 per space per day (Subject to change).  To enjoy parking privileges, guests will display a dashboard permit in their car.  This permit is emailed to the reserving party prior to the event date and can be shared with guests in advance, or made available as guests arrive on-site for your event.

** Parking availability may be impacted by other events taking place on campus at the same time.  Please consult with your Event Coordinator for the best parking plan.

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Christ Chapel, on the Boise State University campus, was moved to its present location at 1010 Cesar
Chavez Lane near Broadway Avenue in 1963. At the time it was built in 1866, it cost $1500 in gold
($2450 in greenbacks) most of which was earned by the women of the congregation through ice cream
socials and bazaars selling fancy needlework and quilts. The organ and wood for the church were
shipped to Boise around Cape Horn.

Reverend St. Michael Fackler held the first services at its original location, 7 th and Bannock streets, on
September 2, 1866. He died soon thereafter and the congregation named the church St. Michael’s in his
honor on August 29, 1867. As the first protestant church in Idaho, it was the setting of many religious
events that took place in Idaho’s early years and served as the primary place of Episcopal worship until
St. Michael’s Cathedral was built and dedicated in 1902. It was then renamed Christ Chapel and moved
to 15 th and Ridenbaugh, where services were held until the early 1960s.

In 1963 the Christ Chapel Historical Society, Inc. was formed to raise the money to move the chapel to its
current location on the Boise State campus and to restore and operate the historic chapel. On May 17,
1964 the Episcopal Diocese formally gave Christ Chapel to the Christ Chapel Historical Society, Inc. and
it became a nondenominational church to be used by the community for weddings, memorial services and
religious ceremonies. Christ Chapel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.