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COVID-19 and Your Organization

As a student organization leader, we want to offer resources and additional direction following Boise State University’s response to reduce the spread of the 2019 Novel (COVID-19) Coronavirus. Please use the information shared on this webpage as a guide to help you plan your organization’s activities this semester. Check back often as information is subject to change.

Our number one priority is continuing to offer a positive student engagement experience with the health and safety of you and our community in mind. We are here for you.

Planning Events

How will I know what the current restrictions are for in-person events?

  • The current cap for in-person gatherings is 50 people indoors and outdoors (updated February 24, 2021).
  • All participants are expected to track attendance, practice physical distancing, participate in sanitation best practices (handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, etc.), and adhere to other stated public health guidelines.
  • Your coordinators will assist in developing risk management plans with these recommendations and restrictions in mind through the Engage event registration process.

Can we meet in-person?

You may choose to meet in-person, online, or through a hybrid approach this year. All in-person gatherings will need to be limited to the current attendance cap and meet health and safety requirements. If you’re unsure which approach would be best for your event, talk to a Student Involvement staff member and we’ll be happy to help you identify options.

When should I submit my event registration?

  • Virtual/Online Events 
    • With no expenses – minimum of 1 business day
    • With basic expenses – minimum of 1 week before purchases are needed
    • With a contract (speaker, rental, software, etc.) – minimum of 4 weeks before purchases are needed
  • In-Person or Hybrid Event
    • With no expenses – minimum of 1 week
    • With basic expenses (supplies, food, decorations, etc.) – minimum of 2 weeks before purchases are needed
    • With a contract (speaker, rental, venue, etc.) – minimum of 6 weeks before purchases are needed

Can I have food at my event?

Catering options and approvals for food services will be extremely limited this year. Read University Event Service’s 2020-2021 In-Person Event Guidelines to learn more about food options and restrictions this semester.

Two things to keep in mind:

  • If food or beverage are being provided, all items must be individually packaged.
  • If food or beverage are being provided, all event participants will be required to extend the physical distance to a minimum of 10 feet apart during consumption.

How do I get my event approved?

Continue to register all events, meetings, and activities through your Engage portal. Student Involvement will review your request, connect you with campus partners, and share next steps to help get it approved.

Visit our Plan an Event webpage for instructions on how to submit an event registration and University Event Service’s 2020-2021 In-Person Event Guidelines for recommendations and resources to consider as you plan your event. 

What happens if we don’t follow or comply with the stated guidelines and restrictions?

As a part of our Student Code of Conduct, organizations are expected to promote the health and safety of the communities they interact with. We encourage all students to exercise caution when planning in-person events and utilize our planning checklist while following the state, local, and university guidelines. Doing this is the best way for you and your organization to keep our community safe, on-campus, and able to host in-person events/activities. 

  • The university is taking the health and safety of our community very seriously. Failure to comply with stated guidelines and restrictions will result in disciplinary action. 

What should I do if my on-campus space reservation was cancelled?

This year Boise State is prioritizing the use of all on-campus reservable spaces for academic courses. Unfortunately, this means that existing recurring meeting reservations for 2020-2021 in the Student Union and all academic buildings will not be able to be accommodated. Any current reservations will be canceled on your behalf with no charges incurred to your group.

  • Student engagement opportunities are the next highest priority for space considerations. Any remaining reservable space on-campus will be made available to student groups through University Event Services for this purpose. 

What happens if the university goes all-remote again?

Have a prepared back-up plan to move your event(s) to online or remote format if needed due to enhanced restrictions or cancellation of all in-person activities. Visit the Virtual Event Services webpage for more information on available resources and support on campus. 

If external venues have different standards allowing them the ability to host larger scale events and the university has stricter guidelines, whose rules should we follow?

University policy and guidelines around social distancing and health and safety will be prioritized over less “strict” guidelines at other venues. If your organization needs help in working with external venues or groups around this, we will be happy to assist and advise you.

Local Transit Activities

  • Activities within Boise city limits can be approved as events with a COVID safety plan in place. (example: A club goes on a hike at Table Rock)
  • Student organization travel within a radius of 20 miles around Boise (examples: Bogus Basin, Lucky Peak) is approvable on a case by case basis with the following considerations:
    • Specific attention will be given to an organization’s COVID safety plan.
    • Attendance tracking in Engage, and maintaining physical distance will be required.
    • Ridesharing will not be allowed, unless between roommates.
    • Overnight trips are not permitted (day trips only).
  • Travel outside of a 20 mile radius is not permitted due to the suspension of university travel through the end of the calendar year.


2020-2021 Travel

Boise State has suspended all official university travel through the end of the academic year, including student organization travel. This applies to any regional, domestic, or international travel. 

Summer 2021 Travel

If you are considering planning travel in the summer of 2021 please submit an event registration with your proposed travel dates and we will be in touch with the next steps as more information becomes available.  

Student Involvement Office and Staff Availability

We are open and ready to support you. Please check regularly as hours and modes of service are subject to change.

  • Beginning August 17, we are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Our department has become appointment-only for 2020-2021. We are not offering drop-in assistance at this time.
  • Students can make an appointment by emailing or calling 208-426-1223.
  • Meetings or appointments that will need a longer period of time (more than 15 minutes) will take place over the phone or Zoom.