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10 Ways to Stay Connected

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. Stay positive, connected, and give yourself permission to get creative. Here are some ways to stay engaged. Try these out and let us know which ideas worked for you, and if you have ideas of your own, share them!

1. Think About What Makes Your Club Unique

Plan virtual activities around your mission. For example, a language club hosts weekly native language chats, a dance club hosts dance lessons, or any club can host a meeting and play a game, cook & share a meal, or simply check in on how everyone is doing. 

2. Be Accessible

Schedule a virtual meeting with individual members to check in with them. Questions to ask: What do we need/want from one another during this time? How can we help/support others while honoring the safety protocols? What are you most looking forward to doing once this is over?

3. Have Fun

TikTok your current experiences as a student organization. Host a meme contest with your members or a themed Zoom meeting. Think of new and creative ways to do service or have your members interact. Participate in the 7-Day Club Challenge

4. Communicate

Send your club a weekly encouraging note via text, email, social media.

5. Self-Check

Social distancing does not mean isolation or emotional distance. As you’re checking in on others and supporting your organization, it is important to take time to self-asses. “How am I doing?” Who can you talk to if this transition feels like too much? Visit the Dean of Students resource page available to the Boise State community and the United Way of Treasure Valley Community Resource Page.

6. Collaborate

COVID-19 has impacted multiple communities in unexpected ways, work with your members to coordinate a CDC approved community support volunteer project. Consider finding a local/regional news article that connects to your club’s mission and discuss. 

7. Keep Learning

Listen to podcasts, TED Talks, and movies that your organization members would enjoy discussing.

8. Stay Healthy

Look into BroncoFit virtual classes, host a virtual potluck or coffee date. Anything that keeps your members having fun and healthy! You could even create a playlist for your org, title it COVID-19ClubName and create a Pandora or Spotify station. 

9. Plan Ahead

Interview an outgoing officer to record their wisdom and history about the club. Look at the coming semester and chart out a plan with your executive team. 

10. Ask Us

Don’t forget Student Involvement is always here to support you and your organization.

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