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Event Registration

Planning an activity, fundraiser, meeting, or travel for your organization? Your first step is to register your event in Engage.

Event Policies & Procedures

Event Registration Timelines

View the Event Planning Timeline page for a description of event types and registration submission dates. Events funded by ASBSU Grants will need an additional 2-3 weeks of planning time.

How do I create an event?

Check out this helpful article for instructions on how to create a new event for your organization.

You’ll hear back from us within 2 business days of submitting your request to help you with the next steps and/or to confirm your event. If you don’t have permission to create an event for your organization check out the “Who can submit an event registration” section. 

Who can submit an Event Registration?

All student organization primary contacts and presidents have access to create events in their portal. Depending on your position permissions, others may have access.  

Granting Access

  • A portal administrator can grant event management access to additional members by either assigning them a position with this level of access or editing the access level (see Event Management Access Levels section for examples) of their current position. 
  • To assign a position with event management access start by navigating to the “Roster” tool in your organization. Then click on the pencil icon next to the name of the individual you want to change the position for.  
  • To edit the access level of an existing position, navigate to the “Roster” tool in your organization. Then click on the “Manage Positions” button near the top of the page. Then follow the instructions provided in this article to either create a new position or edit an existing position to have “Full” access to the Event tool.

Event Management Access Levels

  • No Access: Only able to see events that have been shared publicly, within their organization, or ones they have been invited to.
  • View: Able to view all event details and submissions, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.
  • Full: Has full access to events, including the ability to edit and delete them, manage invitations, manage event attendance, and submit event requests. 

Why should I submit an Event Registration?

  • The event registration is the starting point for all events, activities, meetings, travel, and fundraisers.
  • Learn how to request rooms/space on-campus.
  • Receive hands-on support with event planning.
  • Streamline the planning process.
  • Save time and avoid confusion with forms.
  • Share to a centralized calendar of student events to help with scheduling and promotion.

Events With Food

If you’re thinking of having food at your event please review the following information:

  • On-Campus: Read University Event Services In-Person Event Guidelines to learn more about food options from our Dining Services department.
  • Off-Campus: Student groups will be expected to either work with a licensed food vendor (preferred) or follow proper food handling and safety procedures.

The State of Idaho requires post-event documentation on all activities where food is served. Student organizations are required to submit the following materials to Student Involvement the next business day after an event has taken place:

  1. an invitation or flyer used to advertise the event or activity;
  2. a copy of your itinerary or agenda;
  3. and a roster of all attendees.

Materials may be sent via email or delivered in hard copy format to Student Involvement.

Submitting this documentation right after your event is very important. New purchase requests will remain pending until documentation for the previous activity has been received.

Outside Food on Campus

The university has a catering contract with Chartwells Catering Services. When considering bringing outside food to campus for group activities, Chartwells should be given the opportunity to provide services first.

Student groups may purchase outside food for a meeting on campus without a catering exemption request if the total is under $350. If the total cost of your food exceeds $350 you can submit an External Catering Request Form and/or discuss options with your University Event Services Coordinator. 


Raffles may not be held by student organizations. Raffles are considered gambling in the state of Idaho and the state may assess a fine to a student organization that holds a raffle. Drawings and silent auctions are acceptable, simply let Student Involvement know that you’re interested in these options during the event registration and we’ll help you with next steps.

Contracts and Agreements

For some events, your group may want to bring a performer to campus, sponsor a speaker, or pay for a service. In such cases, this may require setting up a contract between the university and the vendor involved. Contracts must be completed and signed by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center and need to be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your first payment for processing time. Student organization officers, advisors, members, or community members may not sign contracts on behalf of your student group.

Showing Movies

Events that plan to incorporate showing a movie/film/video must abide by copyright laws. To do this, student organizations must provide Student Involvement documentation of their “right to show” the movie. Contact Student Involvement if you have any questions or would like assistance in purchasing a temporary license to show a movie/film/video.

What if I have Multiple Event Planners?

By default, the person who originally submitted an event and the President of the organization will be the ones to receive notifications about it. If you are not the primary event planner or there are multiple event planners, you can add the Boise State email addresses of up to five additional 5 people to invite them to review your event registration, comment, and receive notifications.

Co-Hosting an Event

From time-to-time student organizations want to co-host an event or activity with another student organization, a university department, and/or an organization not affiliated with the university. Co-hosting can be a great way for student organizations to achieve their goals by partnering with other groups that share their purpose and would like to offer assistance to put on an event or activity.

The partnership for such activities and events is formalized by completing a Cosponsorship Agreement form found in the Forms section of your Engage portal. This form helps clarify the responsibilities and expectations of all groups involved. Student Involvement will offer instruction and guidance on how to successfully co-host with on campus and off campus partners. 

Risk Management

When planning an event or travel for a student organization you will want to consider the risk associated with your event. If needed, staff from Risk Management on campus will be looped in on the your event registration to review and evaluate potential risk at your event, ask questions, and provide recommendations to minimize risk.