Student Organization Handbook – Section I. J.

Section I. Student Organization Recognition

J. Starting a Student Organization

A new student organization may be started at any point during the year as long as it has a minimum of three (3) currently enrolled Boise State students. To become officially recognized by the university, complete the 5-step application process below.

  • The group must state its intention to start a new student organization by filling out New Student Organization Intake form and connect with the student organization coordinator.
  • Attend an informational meeting to learn what it takes to register an organization at Boise State University and receive Active status. At least three (3) founding members of the new organization must complete a Get Started Workshop.
  • Find a university faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor for the organization (you may have more than one).
  • Create an OrgSync portal for your new organization. You will be given access to your portal when you complete the registration process.
  • Complete a constitution for the organization and submit it to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center. Staff from the Student Involvement & Leadership Center  have a template you can follow. Please read “Governing Documents” on page seven of this Handbook for requirements.
  • Your organization’s president and financial officer must complete officer training to learn about university policies and procedures. When the president and financial officers have been elected, your officers will receive an invitation to complete the training.

Groups intending to be recognized are granted temporary marketing/advertising privileges, which include:

  • Reserving a marketing booth or table in the Student Union Building up to three (3) times; reserving a meeting room in the Student Union Building through Boise State University Conference Services up to three (3) times; using the university’s poster route through the Information Desk; and using the Student Organization Poster Island to make advertising materials.
  • Students with temporary marketing/advertising privileges seeking to start a new student organization may not host events, activities or programs; use the name “Boise State University;” do any fundraising or receive any donations; use Boise State University motor pool vehicles; or use bulk mail permits.

Before gaining recognition, a student organization must have an advisor who is currently a Boise State University faculty or staff member. Please read “Advisor Requirements” section of this Handbook for more details.

Students creating the organization must set up OrgSync accounts for themselves and follow the steps within OrgSync to create their organization.

When all the necessary processes have been completed, a staff member will review the request for recognition. If the constitution or other registration materials need revision, the organization will be notified. The organization will make the changes and resubmit the materials.

Once the requirements are met, the student organization will be recognized and will gain access to all the privileges afforded to them by the university. Students will receive written notification from the Student Involvement and Leadership staff, as well as advice about how to proceed next.

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