Student Organization Handbook – Section I. M.

Section I. Student Organization Recognition

M. Registrar Query Requests

The following are steps for requesting information from the Registrar for use on campus or on behalf of your affiliated organization’s national headquarters:

Submit your request for a Registrar Query with the Student Involvement & Leadership Center. Do so by completing a Query Request Form.

After your request is reviewed for completeness, the Student Involvement & Leadership Center will place your query request with the Office of the Registrar and contact you when it is prepared.

  • The query will be provided to your organization’s faculty or staff advisor. The information contained within the report will be confidential and can only be used for the approved purpose of the query request itself.
  • If your organization wishes to use the query results to send invitations to students who could be potential new members, you may do so internally on campus. Your organization will be responsible for all expenses associated with a mass mailing, including envelopes, printing and postage. Student organizations may not use Boise State University letterhead.

Registrar query results may not be shared with any off-campus entity, including affiliated national organizations of student chapters at Boise State. If your national headquarters has a letter to be disseminated to the students identified in your query the student chapter will be responsible for mailing it to students.

Sharing student data with third parties may be a breach of federal and state laws and/or university policy. If you are asked to share student data with any party outside of Boise State University, please contact the Student Involvement & Leadership Center.

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