Student Organization Handbook – Section II. A.

Section II. Using Your Student Organization Account

A. Accessing Funds in a Student Organization Account

All student organizations on campus are given accounts within the university to keep their funds. To access the funds in your organization’s account, fill out and submit an Purchase Request, available via OrgSync. Any organization purchase requires pre-approval before any funds can be spent, even if you want to be reimbursed for the purchases.

Preapprovals and Timelines

Preapproval ensures organization funds can be used to pay for the items or service. Orders and purchases may not be made without preapproval; doing so makes the person who made the purchase or order directly responsible for payment, and not the university.

To get preapproval, an officer of the student organization needs to complete and submit an Purchase Request on OrgSync to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center at least one week in advance of the time purchases need to be made. Some purchases may require more than one week for approval. It is strongly advised that the following purchase types — travel, gifts/awards/prizes, promotional items, clothing (of any type), purchases that involve contracts — be submitted for review at least four (4) weeks in advance because purchases cannot be made without preapproval and these kinds of purchases may require more follow-up documentation and take more time to process.

Rush handling and express shipping fees are not allowed.

Buying Promotional Items with Boise State Text or Graphics

Graphics and text must be reviewed for compliance through the Student Involvement & Leadership Center and Trademarks and Licensing prior to any order being placed. Approved purchase orders must be created before an order may be placed. Only certain vendors are licensed for creating items for resale. These vendors will be provided to the student organization on the approved purchase request.

Clothing and Printing Purchases (of any type)

All clothing and printed items must be purchased with a preapproved purchase order. Policy for promotional items applies to clothing with graphics and text.

Contracts (including, but not limited to, speakers, artists, builders and individuals)

Professional staff in the Student Involvement & Leadership Center must create and sign contracts for student organizations. Students and advisors do not have authority to create and sign contractual agreements for student organizations. Several documents must be submitted by specific timelines to ensure payment to an independent contractor. Contracts for services will not be created, nor is the university liable for payment of services that have occurred without a university contract in place. Late documentation could result in a delayed payment to the artist, performer, speaker or other individual with whom organizations have contracted.

The following list comprises on-campus services for which Purchase Requests need to be submitted at least one (1) week in advance. However, it’s strongly advised to always plan well in advance because many of these services are subject to availability. Additionally, different departments may have their own timelines that should be factored in when planning events.

  • Copy Central
  • Print Shop
  • Motor Pool
  • SUB Conference Services
  • Facility Maintenance & Operations
  • Parking & Transportation
  • University Dining Services
  • OfficeMax

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