Student Organization Handbook – Section II. C.

Section II. Using Your Student Organization Account

C. Depositing Funds into Your Student Organization Accounts

To deposit funds into your student organization account, please follow these steps:

  • Write checks to Boise State University (include organization name on the memo line).
  • Locate deposit envelopes and deposit slips on the first floor of the Student Union Building to the right of the Information Desk.  The organization completes the deposit slip and seals the money and receipt in the envelopes. Sealed envelopes are then slipped into the drop safe located in the same area. If you need assistance to the drop safe, ask at the Information Desk or the Student Involvement & Leadership Center.
  • Checks must be endorsed by writing the organization department ID (the student organization or group account number) on the back of the check where the signature endorsement would normally appear (top edge of check). This is the responsibility of the student organization. Make sure all checks are properly prepared before dropping them into the safe.
  • Do not endorse (sign a name) the back of the check unless the check is made out to you and you are signing the check over for deposit to the organization’s account.
  • Information is needed in the comment box when filling out the deposit slip information, such as “fundraiser T-shirt sales” or “membership dues.” This information is helpful in tracking activity on student organization accounts.

If a donation is made to your organization and the donor requests a formal tax receipt, your group should consider opening an account with the Boise State University Foundation. For more information on how to do this, see the section in this handbook regarding opening an account with the Foundation.

Checks made to the Boise State Foundation are subject to the forms and policies of the Foundation. Student organizations are responsible for submitting checks made out to the Foundation at:

Boise State University Foundation

1173 University Drive

Boise, Idaho 83706

DO NOT deposit checks written to the Boise State University Foundation in the drop safe by the Bookstore stairwell in the Student Union Building. These checks will be returned to your student organization.

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