Student Organization Handbook – Section II. D.

Section II. Using Your Student Organization Account

D. Cash Boxes and/or Change Funds

Any student organization recognized by the university may use a cash box for making change at an event.  Cash box requests must be submitted at least two (2) business days (48 hours) before the date the boxes are needed and should have an approved event request as well. Requests submitted less than two business days prior to the desired pick-up date may not be approved, and requests for fundraisers not pre-approved will be denied.

To request a Cash Box, please complete the Cash Box Request form through OrgSync. This form will give you the opportunity to request a cash box with the amount you will need.

When approved, your student organization can check out an empty cash box at the Information Desk in the Student Union Building. Please note a signature by the club or department will be required for checkout. Money requested for the cash box will be sealed in a separate deposit bag and must be requested from the Union Manager Vault at the Information Desk. When returning money, all of it will be deposited according to the deposit procedures in the previous section. Do not leave money in the box when returning it to the Information Desk.

Sealed deposit envelopes contain:

  • Cash box request with denomination
  • Deposit bag for return/deposit
  • Deposit slip
  • Change fund money requested

When you are returning your change fund, cash box and deposit, please follow these steps:

  • Change fund, deposit, cash box request, and top copy of deposit slip are to be placed inside the deposit bag and sealed.
  • Slip deposit bag in drop safe (located to the right of the Information Desk in the Student Union Building).
  • If returned during Information Desk hours, give the empty cash box to a staff member.
  • Empty cash boxes returned after hours should be left on the counter. Information Desk staff will then check the empty box in the following morning.

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