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Student Organization Handbook – Section III. A.

Section III. Fundraising, Donations, and Raffles

A. Fundraising

The term “fundraising” in this policy refers to recognized student organizations that intend to raise additional funds through the solicitation of donations (funds and/or items), charge admission, or sell products or services. Fundraising may be for the benefit of student organizations themselves or for charitable groups.

If you fundraise for charity:

  • Money cannot be deposited in your student organization account.
  • Money must go directly to the charity.
  • Any checks must be made out to the charity.

Before a student organization plans any kind of activity to raise money, the organization is required to complete an Event Request. Submit this request to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center at least eight (8) weeks prior to the day of the fundraiser if there will be resale items or expenses involved. You can find the request in OrgSync under “Events.”

The organization will be notified of approval. If a fundraiser is not approved, the student organization will not be allowed to hold the fundraiser.

A request must be completed and approved for each fundraiser unless the event is for the same activity on a regular basis. For example, if the organization plans to sell items every Tuesday at a marketing booth only one application is necessary. For multi-day fundraising, the organization will need to supply an end date.

Additional Approval

Be aware fundraisers held in or around athletic facilities, residence halls or apartment facilities may require additional approval from the Intercollegiate Athletics Office or Housing & Residence Life. Fundraisers which involve selling items must receive additional approval from the Bookstore or University Dining Services.

Note: Homemade food items may not be sold as a fundraiser. Other prepackaged food items cannot be sold on campus without approval from Event Services. To seek approval, complete a Catering Exemption Request, available online or contact Event Services at (208) 426-1677.

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