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Student Organization Handbook – Section III. C.

Section III. Fundraising, Donations and Raffles

C. Selling Merchandise on Campus

If your organization wants to sell books or other items on campus, you must fill out a Fundraiser Request and attach a list of all items to be sold. If your organization has an event with a performer/artist who would like to sell merchandise (such as CDs, posters, clothing) please also provide a Fundraiser Request with a list of items. The list of items must include details of the general merchandise (e.g., if selling T-shirts, the list should describe any wording that will appear on the T-shirt). If books will be sold, an ISBN must be included on the form.

Complete and submit a Retail Sales Exemption Form for approval to have merchandise sold on campus.

If an organization wishes to sell items that include the Boise State University name, the student organization must use a licensed vendor from the university. The Fundraiser Request Form and a list of items being sold must be submitted to the Student Involvement & Leadership Center at least one (1) week prior to the date of the proposed fundraiser.

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