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Student Organization Handbook – Section III. D.

Section III. Fundraising, Donations and Raffles
D. Raffles
Raffles may not be held by student organizations recognized by the university, because Boise State University Finance & Administration has placed a campus-wide moratorium on raffles while it revises its raffle policies. A raffle is defined as a game in which a prize is won by random drawing of a name or number of one (1) or more persons purchasing chances (e.g., selling tickets for a chance to win a TV).

Raffles are considered gambling in the state of Idaho and a $10,000 per incident fine may be assessed by the state of Idaho to a student organization that holds a raffle. Any organization that holds a raffle will risk a change in status from Active to Inactive, and there may be other consequences, such as undergoing the student conduct process.

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