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Student Organization Handbook – Section III. E.

Section III. Fundraising, Donations and Raffles
E. Trademarks and Licensing
Student organizations recognized by the university must abide by Boise State’s Trademarks and Licensing policy, as outlined by the Office of General Counsel. Please review this policy for important details about the appropriate use of trademarks at Boise State University.

Approval for student organizations to use university trademarks in any way, including, but not limited to, using trademarks on printed materials, T-shirts, or websites, must be sought by first contacting the Student Involvement & Leadership Center. Use of any university trademark without preapproval is a violation of university policy. Student organizations that do not obtain prior approval will face a change in status from Active to Inactive. In addition, reimbursement requests for purchases with unapproved trademarks will not be satisfied. If approval is obtained, any T-shirts or materials other than printed materials, whether for sale or not, must be made by licensed vendors.

Copyrighted Materials: Student organizations may not sell or distribute copyrighted materials. For example, copying music onto a CD and selling it for a fundraiser is prohibited.

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