Student Organization Handbook – Section IV. A.

Section IV. Planning Events

A. Creating and Advertising Events

Planning Your Event, Activity, Fundraiser, Meeting or Travel

If you’re planning an activity, fundraiser, meeting, or travel for your organization, your first step is to submit an event request in OrgSync.

Your online event request is powerful. You can:

  • Request rooms/space on campus
  • Get hands-on support with event planning
  • Streamline the planning process
  • Save time and avoid confusion with forms
  • Have a centralized calendar of other student events to help with scheduling and promotion

Event requests can only be submitted by someone with administrative access to your portal.

Here’s how:

  • Login to OrgSync
  • Go to your organization’s portal
  • Click on the “Events” tab
  • Click on the green “Create an event” button to the right
  • Fill out as much information as you can
  • You’ll hear back from us within two (2) business days of your request. When your event is confirmed, we can help with next steps.

Event Request – Student Life Calendar
Request that your event is shared to the Student Life list and on the website by following these steps:

  • Login to OrgSync
  • Go to your organization’s portal
  • Click on the “Events” tab
  • Click on the green “Create an event” button to the right
  • Fill out as much information as you can
  • Be sure to select “Public” under “Who can see this?” and then click the box to request inclusion on the Student Life events list.
  • Finish and submit your request
  • Once approved your event will be posted on the public calendar and on the Student Involvement website.

Promotions Review
Student organizations often create promotional materials such as flyers, posters, handbills, newspaper ads, and banners to solicit interest in their groups or to market event or activities they are sponsoring or cosponsoring.

Would you like feedback on your poster, flyer, or other promotional material? We’re happy to review it for your organization according to the recommended promotional guidelines below. Simply complete a Promotions Review form found on OrgSync inside the “Forms” tab in your organization’s OrgSync portal.

Completing a Promotions Review is encouraged, but not required. This review covers only the technical processing and presentational impact of materials and does not extend to editorial control of the message content.

If your organization creates promotional materials, please keep the following recommended guidelines in mind:

  • Include the full-name of your organization and contact information on your promotional materials to inform readers who your group is and how to get in touch with you.
  • Double-check your promotional materials for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Include the date, time, and location of events and activities.
  • Co-sponsoring an event or activity? Include the full name of your co-sponsor(s) as well as the name of your organization to properly attribute who is holding the event.
  • Adhere to university brand standards when using Boise State logos or trademarks. Learn more by reading the Student Organization Identity Guidelines.

Student Organization Logos and Visual Identities
Student organizations are encouraged to create their own, unique logos in order to brand their organizations. Many groups get creative and make original logos. Others choose to create logos that incorporate the official “B” university mark.

For procedures on creating logos and visual identities, including how to properly use university trademarks, read the Student Organization Identity Guidelines.

Marketing and Promotion Resources
Recognized student organizations have many resources available to them to promote and market themselves and their activities. Read about these resources online here.

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