Student Organization Handbook – Section IV. B.

Section IV. Planning Events

B. Advertising in the Student Union Building

Flyers, banners and other advertisements may not be hung on walls or other surfaces with the exception of community bulletin boards. Recognized student organizations do have many opportunities to promote events by working with staff from the Student Union Building and University Event Services.

Poster Distribution

The Information Desk in the Student Union Building will post flyers for recognized student organizations in various locations across campus. Poster distribution is free for student organizations and, when space is available, university departments. Its principle purpose is event advertisement and general information postings, not advocacy advertising. Bulletin boards are university-owned displays and are not considered public forums.

Posters will only be accepted three (3) weeks prior to an event’s date. Posters for general information (e.g., advertising weekly club meetings) will only stay up three (3) weeks at any one time. The Information Desk cannot guarantee  all posters submitted (please bring 55 copies) will be displayed on every board across campus. Printed information must include the sponsoring organization’s full name, contact number, e-mail address or website. Preapprovals for posters may take up to 24 hours from the time they are delivered. If approved, posters will be distributed on the campus Poster Route. The Student Involvement & Leadership Center reserves the right to decline any poster. For a list of Poster Route locations, contact the Information Desk.

Digital Table Tent Promotions

Digital table tents are four screens placed throughout the dining area of the first floor Student Union Building. Student organizations may submit advertisements to these screens for up to a two week period. One advertisement for two weeks will cost $20. Space may be reserved beginning August 1 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester. Free-standing table tents and other promotional materials are not allowed on the tables.

Digital table tents must include the full name of the organization, contact number, e-mail or website, and must be e-mailed to the Information Desk by 10:00 p.m. the Thursday prior to installation. To make reservations for table tents and for a list of locations, contact the Information Desk.

Marketing Booths/Marketing Tables

Marketing booths across from the Information Desk and marketing tables near the atrium must be reserved in advance through University Event Services. Marketing booths/tables can be reserved up to 15 days per semester; solicitation must occur only at the tables of both locations.

Anyone setting up or occupying a booth or a table is expected to check in at the Information Desk and then notify the desk when departing for the day. Remember to leave the area free of all marketing materials when finished.

Quad Space

Quad space can be reserved through University Event Services. For procedures to use the Quad for marketing/advertising, visit the Event Services website.

Outdoor Kiosks

Kiosk space can be reserved for hanging large banners through University Event Services.  Space can be reserved once a month, per group, depending upon availability. Two (2) weeks is the maximum time a reservation can be made for a single advertisement. Banners must:

  • Be 3’long x 9’wide with eight grommets, or 3’long x 4’ wide with two to six grommets.
  • Be printed on one side only.
  • Include the full name of the organization, contact number, e-mail or website.
  • Be made of water-repellant vinyl or canvas (other materials will not be accepted).

Banners must be delivered to the Information Desk by 5:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the reservation begins. Pick up the banner the Tuesday after the reservation expires. The Information Desk is responsible for installing/removing banners. All other banners will be taken down.

Toilet Talk

Student Organizations may add a small “blurb” or image to the weekly Toilet Talk posted in the first floor Student Union Building bathrooms. To add a “blurb” or image, submit an Info Desk Promotional Request at or call (208) 426-4636.

Digital Kiosks

Six digital kiosks are featured throughout the Student Union Building to provide information for students and visitors. The purpose of the kiosks is for promotions and marketing of university services, events and activities, including those of recognized student organizations. Advertising with the digital kiosks will cost $30 per ad for a two week period.

Request content for the digital kiosks two (2) weeks prior to the start date. Promotions will run for two (2) weeks and will begin Monday morning and run through Sunday evening. Requests are subject to approval by the Student Union Building staff. Once submission is approved, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to your student organization.

To send a request for kiosk advertisement, submit an Info Desk Promotional Request at or call (208) 426-4636.

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