Student Organization Handbook – Section IV. C.

Section IV. Planning Events

C. Cosponsoring Events

From time-to-time student organizations wish to cosponsor an event or activity with another student organization, a university department, or an organization not affiliated with the university. Such cosponsorships can be great ways for organizations to achieve their goals by partnering with other groups that share their purpose and would like to offer assistance to put on an event or activity.

For the cosponsorship to function effectively, it’s important for both parties to:

  • Maintain frequent and open communication
  • Be clear on the goals of the cosponsorship
  • Share expectations for what all organizations will contribute to the cosponsorship
  • Share expectations for what all organizations hope to gain from the cosponsorship

Approval for Cosponsorships

Start by submitting an Event Request on OrgSync for the event, activity, or fundraiser that you’re collaborating on. Then, to ensure cosponsored events are healthy arrangements for all parties involved, the primary student organization sponsoring an event is asked to submit a Cosponsorship Agreement to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center for approval at least two (2) weeks prior to the event taking place. This form can be found and submitted on the Student Involvement and Leadership Center’s website or via OrgSync.

Additional Notes about Cosponsorships

Student organizations must take an active role in planning/producing a cosponsored event. This can be accomplished through officer participation, promoting the event, and being involved in the overall planning process. Additionally, student organizations should receive some kind of benefit from participating in cosponsorship agreements with outside groups or vendors. Benefits could include free registration, additional development of leadership skills or career networking. These benefits should be clearly outlined before the event takes place.

Cosponsored Events in the Student Union

University Event Services within the Student Union does not recognize cosponsorship between non-university groups and student organizations, university departments, educational organizations or governmental agencies when the cosponsorship seeks to reduce applicable costs for facilities or services in the Student Union Building. Therefore, it is important for student organizations to partner with other organizations in cosponsorships in a way which is beneficial for the student organization or furthers the student organization’s mission. University programs supported by grants are not considered cosponsorships; however, if funding is received for meeting facilities through the grant, fees for facilities will be charged.

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