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Student Organization Handbook – Section IV. K.

Section IV. Planning Events

K. Catering Exemptions

Boise State University meets its campus food service needs with an outside contractor, Aramark Corporation. The contract guarantees Aramark the exclusive right to provide all food services, concessions, vending and catering to the entire Boise State campus, including student organizations. Realizing that many student groups would like to provide refreshments at club meetings, but have limited funds, the Catering Exemption was developed. It accommodates recognized student groups who want to provide food or beverages for their regularly scheduled business meetings, where only members of the group are invited and where the public is not expected. This exception is available only to recognized student groups. For more information, visit the Catering Exemption form or contact Event Services at (208) 426-1677.

Insurance Guidelines for Catering Exemptions

No insurance required:
There are no insurance requirements for purchase and distribution of snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, soda (must be Coke product), prepackaged candy, or chips. An approved Catering Exemption must be completed for any events with distribution on campus. There are no insurance requirements for potlucks.

Insurance is required:
Any event using a 3rd party vendor requires that a certificate of insurance be on file in addition to a Catering Exemption to include Liquor Liability if alcohol is being served. All foods purchased are intended for immediate consumption by your private party, and not available for resale.

The certificate of insurance requirements can be found in the third party insurance requirements from Risk Management:

Event Services has obtained annual certificates of insurance that meet the requirements for the following pre-approved vendors:

  • Papa Johns
  • Pie Hole
  • Dominos
  • Albertson’s
  • Chicago Connection
  • Fred Meyer’s
  • Winco
  • Mai Thai
  • Costco

For any vendors wishing to be used that are not on the pre-approved list, it is the responsibility of the requesting organization to obtain the insurance certificate at least 5 days prior to the event.  If the event is on campus, a Catering Exemption must also be approved and the certificate of insurance is needed prior to that approval.  If the Catering Exemption and certificate of insurance are not completed at least 5 days prior to the event, the event may be canceled. For more information, visit the Insurance Guidelines for Catering Exemptions page or contact Event Services at (208) 426-1677.

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